Meet the team

At FlexOnYou, our team is comprised of expert, driven employees from Nijmegen and the surrounding area. We are happy to find you suitable employment or help clients search for suitable candidates. Would you like to know more about our colleagues?

Boy van de Beek

Financial manager

Bram van de Beek

Operational Coordinator

Wilfried Elings

Recruitment & Selection Coordinator

Nathalie Veenbrink

Operational Manager and Professional Coach

Echica van Bergen

Administrative worker

Aleksandra Stokkink-Bozek

International Recruitment

Anis Mansouri

Operational Coordinator, Organisation Structure and HRM

How can we help you?

If you are highly motivated and looking for a long-term working relationship, we are the ideal partner for you. Our portfolio consists of a vast and varied range of interesting firms. This enables us to respond quickly and find the right opening for you. If we cannot find a match for your ideal position in the short term, we will make sure you can temporarily get started until we have found the perfect opening for you.