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Are you ready for a serious, well-paid job that will really look good on your resume? A job which will give you valuable work experience and a chance to develop your skills? We are regularly looking for enthusiastic candidates from both here and abroad to fill various positions in construction and the technical field. We want to make sure you are satisfied, that is why we aim to ensure you feel at home at your new employer and in your brand-new job.

Why work with FlexOnYou?

We are a temporary employment agency that is committed to being closely involved with all its workers. You can always come to us with questions – we are happy to help you in any way. Everyone makes mistakes. You learn from your mistakes. You get up, dust yourself off and keep right on going. FlexOnYou focuses on opportunities and solutions instead of problems. This how we are constantly improving. Taking a wrong turn is part of your development, both professionally and in your private life. Most of us have taken wrong turns at some point or another. We are always ready to discover something new and we never stop learning. So, what are you waiting for? Come work with us!


You’re one step closer already

Everyone deserves rewarding work. Work that really matters. For yourself, but also for the world around you. We are constantly trying to find the right job for you, a job that benefits you and everything around you. At FlexOnYou, we have established five essential steps to ensure that we find the perfect match for you. These steps are vital factors in determining your success. Together, we will work your success!

Work with us!

Our steps!


Register with FlexOnYou and let us know what you are looking for and what your best qualities are. Our recruiters will carefully review you registration. We will then contact you as soon as possible.

Getting acquainted

During the intake interview, we would like to get to know you better and find out what your ambitions are. Together, we can discuss what the possibilities are at FlexOnYou and its partners.


After the intake interview, we will outline your personal goals and wishes. This way, we have good idea of what you want to achieve and what the ideal position is for you.

The perfect match

We found it: the perfect match. We want you to feel comfortable and get the most out of yourself. FlexOnYou revolves around you and our relationship. We are of course aiming for a long-term partnership.

Your success

Good news! You start working for your new employer. You are not rid of us yet, because the lines remain short. This way you can always make direct contact. We are your partner in the workplace and support where necessary.


Success is the intersection of luck and hard work

Nathalie Veenbrink
Operational Manager and Professional Coach


European employers

We don’t care where you come from. For many years we have been working successfully with both Dutch employees and good people from abroad. Do you not live in the Netherlands and do you want to work at FlexOnYou? We are happy to offer you the best support and continuously invest in you, from which you as an employee reap the benefits. We think it is important that our international employees feel at home in the Netherlands, which is why we take care of housing, a possible car and your health insurance.

Contact us personally

Are you motivated and looking for long-term employment? Then we are looking for each other. Our database consists of a large and varied range of interesting companies. This allows us to quickly provide you with your new challenge. We get our strength from working with you, because together with employees and clients we achieve so much more. So what are you waiting for?