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Construction, piping, welding, building, carpentry, tile-setting or metal working? Are master of any of these domains? Your motivation to work is the fuel that keeps the engine running. Without motivation, no energy, and without energy, no progress. We are looking for employees who are highly motivated to work and this desire translates into a high degree of productivity, commitment, dedication and satisfaction at work. Life is like a book with many chapters, only now, you are writing your own story.

At FlexOnYou, you will find all kinds of job openings in construction, infra, and metal and installation technology. Apply now and who knows, you might be working in any one of these branches in no time.

Construction and Infra

Construction and infrastructure production has risen enormously and will continue to rise sharply in the coming years. The Netherlands has experienced considerable economic growth in recent years, which means that growth in residential, non-residential buildings and infrastructure is increasing. This industry faces quite a few challenges, not only a shortage of workers, but also a significant shortage of materials causes the risk of delay. In 2022, more and more new developments are emerging in the industry, which also offers more opportunities and you have to take advantage of opportunities.


Metal Technology

The Netherlands has many companies that are active in metal technology. It is an especially challenging sector, what makes the branch interesting for various reasons. One main reason is that many companies in this sector are offering challenging positions that carry a great deal of responsibility.

The future of metal technology can be described as follows. We can conclude that many changes are taking place in the branch. Great technological developments are occurring, simplifying the efficiency of the production processes and resulting in a turning a labour-driven sector into an automated sector. Metalwork is rapidly developing and there is much room for innovation. We routinely offer a whole range of job openings in metal technology.


The expert in everything, was once a beginner

Anis Mansouri
Operational Coordinator, Organisation Structure and HRM

Installation technology

Do you want to get started as an installation technician, installation manager or project leader? We have a number of job openings in this fantastic branch. Installation technology is a tremendously broad field, the term is often used for a range of installation work and techniques in construction and industry, ranging from climate installations to sanitary. Just like in many technical occupations, the demand for personnel is great in installation technology. The diverse specialisations and projects makes the work quite varied, challenging and this means the field offers many career opportunities.


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Are you looking for long-term employment and curious what we can do for you? Then we are looking for each other. Our database consists of a large and varied range of interesting companies. This allows us to quickly provide you with your new challenge. If it is not a match or if we do not currently have a job that matches your ideals, we will ensure that you can work temporarily until we have found the perfect place for you.