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We promise to invest in your development. We will make sure you are constantly developing your skills. We invest in you by way of training courses, e-learning, testing and a personal job coach. Once you start at one of our top employers in construction, infra, installation or metal technology, we guarantee you will enjoy an employment that ensures you stay vital and financially healthy.

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We are ready to help you. We give you all the room you need to tell us what you are looking for. This way, we can line up a job for you that really suits you well. Because enjoying the work you do is just as important as the enjoyment you experience outside work. We look forward to meeting you in person!

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Support on the work floor

A job coach can be useful for both employers and employees. If something threatens to go wrong between the employee and the employer, a job coach can often step in and resolve issues with extra coaching. Together, we make sure you receive professional support and are able to perform optimally. During this process, we will discuss where the opportunities lie, you will explain your limitations and express you expectations so that, together, we will overcome any and all obstructions that stand in the way. Your career is important to us, and our job coach will help you along the way by providing support and valuable personal insights. This how we hope to help you achieve your personal objectives. Our job coach is your partner, together, you will succeed.

International orientation

We are not only active on the Dutch job market. We believe every person deserves a good job and a chance to get the most out of themselves. In the Dutch (technical) job market, we see a shortage of professionals due to the ageing population and a limited influx of young employees. That is why we are also orientating ourselves on the international job market. Naturally, we comply with all the relevant Dutch laws and regulations when it comes to making positions available to international employees. We aim to be a safe and reliable partner for all parties.

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FlexOnYou knows all the ins & outs of the recruitment & selection procedure, deployment, international orientation, training and coaching. We dare to promise you that we can help you in your search. So, would you like a little help in finding a job? Contact us today! We are ready to help.