We are here for you, also on the work floor

We promise to invest in your development. With our services we ensure that your development never stands still. We invest in you with training, e-learning, testing and a personal job coach. Get started at one of our top employers in construction and infrastructure, installation technology or metal technology and we guarantee you an employment contract that will keep you vital and financially healthy.

Discover the possibilities

We are always there for you. We give you the space to express your wishes. So that we can connect you with a job that really suits you. For example, we find pleasure in your work just as important as pleasure outside of work. Let’s meet soon!


Support on the work floor

A job coach offers a solution for many employees, but also for employers. Perhaps something is about to go wrong between the two or the employee simply needs some extra coaching in the workplace. Together we ensure that you are professionally guided and ultimately function properly. During this process we discuss where your options lie, you justify your limits, you express your expectations and come up with solutions for all possible stumbling blocks you may encounter. Your career is important to us and our job coach will assist you to provide you with valuable personal insights. As a result, we hope to achieve your personal goals together with you. Our job coach is your partner, we do it together.

International orientation

We do not only focus on the Dutch labor market. We believe that everyone deserves a chance at employment where they can get the most out of themselves. We are even seeing a drying up in the Dutch labor market for professionals due to the aging population and the limited influx of young workers. That is why we also orient ourselves internationally. Naturally, we comply with Dutch laws and regulations when it comes to making foreign workers available. We go for safe and reliable for all parties involved.


Nothing was possible until someone did it

Wilfried Elings
Recruitment & Selection Coordinator

What can we help you with?

Are you ready? Good! We are also ready to meet you. Are you still unsure whether we can find work that suits you? No problem FlexOnYou always thinks in terms of solutions, so even then you can contact us – without obligation. Then together we look at the possibilities to boost your career.