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With the scarcity of suitable applicants on the job market today, we can imagine that you are really struggling to find the right personnel. And this while you could really use your time to focus on other matters… Fortunately, FlexOnYou is here is to help. Our team is just bursting with energy – we find solutions before problems even arise and we are fully committed to helping you find the right people.

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Personnel recruitment and selection

Let us help you – we can take on your entire personnel recruitment process. This starts with recruitment & selection but does not end once someone has been placed. We are always ready to provide the optimal level of support and services to our people and clients like you. We make sure that our team is ready to work for you everyday. You can rely on us so you can focus on running your business.

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The right staff, quickly deployed

Because it is important to us that your staffing needs are quickly met, we strive to introduce you to suitable candidates in the shortest possible time. With the knowledge and expertise we have accrued over the past few years, we only need a few words to be able to find the right staffing solution for your company. This enables us to respond quickly so that your company can be running full steam ahead in no time.

Orientation interview

Initially, we want know what your priorities, needs and objectives are for your company. We will then have a good idea of what kind of personnel fits with your organisation. This is how we can serve you best, so you can quickly start training your new staff.

Recruitment & selection

This is the moment where we allow you to shine in your area of expertise, because from this point on, FlexOnYou will handle your staffing needs. During the recruitment & selection process, we will do everything it takes to find and select suitable candidates for the job openings at your organisation.


During the application procedure, we will meet with a number of candidates who we believe are suitable for the position. Once we find that match made in heaven, we will introduce him/her to you. Once this first hurdle has been crossed, the next step follows automatically. The targeted selection procedure is the first step in the right direction.


If it seems that you and the candidate are a good match, we will make sure that your new colleague is fully prepared to start working. Certainly in this pivotal phase, FlexOnYou is closely involved in making sure that the both the client and the candidate are given room to ask questions and are properly informed.

Support & after care

Also after the first phase, we stay closely involved. Building up a long-term relationship with all parties involved is a priority for us. That is why you can always come to us with any questions/issues you may have. We will do our very best to make sure that our candidates are highly motivated and involved. Also outside of work.

Your success is our mission

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Flex on You - opdrachtgevers


Because we know how difficult it can be to find the right individuals who can work with their hands, we primarily focus on the infra, metal and installation technology sectors. We know these sectors from top to bottom, and that is why know exactly what you are looking for. Looking towards the future, we have specialised in the recruitment of hard workers from outside the Netherlands. We make sure they have everything they need, so that they will make to the right choice and come to Holland to work. We arrange everything for our international candidates, including housing and health insurance.

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How can we help you?

FlexOnYou knows all the ins & outs of the recruitment & selection procedure, deployment, international orientation, training and coaching. We dare to promise you that we can help you in your search. So, would you like a little help in finding a job? Contact us today! We are ready to help.