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Your company is growing. Good news, but as soon as you have more work than you can handle, you may suffer many sleepless nights. At FlexOnYou, we understand that hiring new employees is a big step. The risks, the extra administrative work and of course, the scarcity on the market. FlexOnYou is here to help you further with recruitment: we recruit, select and deploy.

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Let FlexOnYou handle all your staffing issues so you can focus on the work. We can handle the recruitment and selection as well as the placement and job coaching to ensure your new employees continue to grow. Curious about what we can do for your company and the process we use to help you find the right personnel?


Recruitment & selection

The concepts of recruitment and selection are often interwoven. This makes sense, because both concepts involve the outsourcing of finding personnel to an external party. Recruitment primarily concerns an overarching theme, while recruitment combined with selection is more focused on the selection, binding and hiring of suitable candidates. This can be quite time-intensive, especially considering the scarcity of suitable employees on the market. We understand that you do not have enough available time to search for employees and we are happy to take this task off your hands.


When you outsource this process to FlexOnYou, we will first discuss with you which positions are available and what kind of candidate you are looking for. Then we will start our recruitment process. We do this by broadly posting your job opening within our network and other channels. As soon as the responses arrive, we will collect and evaluate them. We will then meet with the candidates who have best potential to succeed at your company. If you would like to be present during this phase, you are welcome, but it is not required. The candidates who seem to be the best match will then be introduced to you.


Together we achieve more

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Do you temporarily need extra capacity or are you looking for help for a certain period? Then broadcasting could be something for you. Temporary workers can be deployed temporarily, for example when you are dealing with a period of peak work or long-term absence of your permanent workers.


Once we have positively evaluated the application of a certain candidate and have been able to make an assessment of his/her competencies, we will invite this candidate for an interview. When a candidate is considered to be suitable for a certain position, we then contact the potential employers. If not, the candidate will be registered in our system and will try to find a suitable position for him/her as quickly as possible. As soon as we have found a match, we will make sure everything is (administratively in order) so that the candidate can start working without any obstacles.


What can we help you with?

Are you ready? Great! We are ready to meet you and get started! If you are still unsure whether we can find the right position for you, no problem. FlexOnYou always thinks in solutions, so feel free to contact us – without any obligation whatsoever. Together, we can consider the options for giving your career a boost.