We can help you grow

FlexOnYou was founded on the philosophy to help the parties we work with in taking the right steps to secure their future. Because for everyone who can use our help, growth is a key factor. The clients are undergoing tremendous growth at their companies, and the candidates are looking for personal and career growth. It is important to us that our relations benefit from our efforts and that is why we aim to respond as quickly as possible.

A reliable partner for your staffing issues

FlexOnYou has already established a number of long-term partnerships over the years. On one hand, we place new people on a weekly basis, and on the other hand, many of our candidates remain working for us for longer periods. With the scarcity of good, qualified people on the job market, we are exploring new horizons. Quite literally too, because we also work with personnel from outside the Netherlands. To ensure they also are also actually hired and feel at home, we facilitate everything our employees need. This includes housing, (health) insurance and if necessary, transportation. Because let’s be honest: to make a good start, you need a solid foundation. A personal approach is what distinguishes us from the rest. We make that extra effort to ensure our partners receive the best service.



If you’re looking for work, you’ve come to the right address. We can very often place you immediately, but if this is not possible, we strive to find you a (temporary) suitable position as quickly as possible. It is important to us that you are placed at the right company and that you will enjoy going to work. We make every effort to properly arrange everything you need. We are convinced this is the right approach and we see this evidenced by the number of hours worked and in the number of long-term partnerships. We also, of course, want to provide that little bit of extra support and care and we feel we have the right people in-house who can provide this. We achieve this via job coaching on the work floor, and personal guidance and training (possible in many fields) to ensure that demand and supply come together .


When it comes to personnel recruitment, we offer full services. We take on as much as we can, so you can focus on your own work. FlexOnYou specialises in recruitment, selection, temporary work, international orientation, training and coaching. It is important to us to ensure that you can start working with our people as soon as possible. That is why we guarantee that we can find the right staff for you in the short-term. But, our work doesn’t end once we’ve found a suitable candidate. Also once our people have been employed at your company, we will stay in contact with you and ready to help with any staffing issues.


It is our mission to increase the opportunities for good, professional employees in the technical job market and to create reliable long-term partnerships between all the parties involved. By finding the right match between employer and employee, we make sure the partnership starts off right and we continue to provide the support you need. We are closely involved in the first phase, but also later on, we will evaluate and ensure proper communication. We strive for a lasting partnership with you, and this intrinsic motivation makes it very clear that we want achieve great results every day. We enjoy challenges as these demand the best of us.


Our goal is to make the difference on the temporary work market in various ways, we want to provide every company with the right personnel so that an optimal collaboration is created, preferably for the long term. Our experience has taught us that we must first clearly understand the client’s needs. Thanks to the many placements, we already know what these are for a large number of companies – we know that we have to flow with the demand and find the right employees to match. The lines of communication must be short and our employees must be intrinsically motivated to work. This formula has become quite successful, our results are growing every week.


Find work that suits you and you will never have to work again

Boy van de Beek
Financial manager


We have outsourced our back office to a specialist: Flexhub.

This back office service provider has its certifications and statements, including the NEN 4400-1 certification, VCU certification, the SNA quality mark and the WKA statement. In addition, Flexhub ABU (general union of temporary employment agencies) is following.

Through our partnership with Flexhub, we can guarantee the quality and reliability that we consider important, such as: a good collective labor agreement grading, good invoices and payments. This cooperation has the additional advantage that you can also contact us for legal, financial, technical or all other questions from you or your employees.

What can we help you with?

Are you motivated and looking for long-term employment? Then we are looking for each other. Our database consists of a large and varied range of interesting companies. This allows us to quickly provide you with your new challenge. If it is not a match or if we do not currently have a job that matches your ideals, we will ensure that you can work temporarily until we have found the perfect place for you.