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Ranging from recruitment & selection – and everything that comes after

Congratulations! You are almost ready to start expanding your team and helping your company get to the next level. Well done! We are happy to help and we understand how important it is to find the right personnel that will allow you to grow. At FlexOnYou, we know all the ins and outs of business, and we can connect you to the construction people you need in order grow.

FlexOnYou handles all your staffing issues so you can focus on the work. We do this not only through targeted recruitment & selection, but also with support and after care once placement has been arranged. You can rely on us throughout the entire employment duration. All we need from you is a good idea of your needs and wishes, and we will then handle the rest.

Work with us!

Our steps!


Register with FlexOnYou and let us know what you are looking for and what your best qualities are. Our recruiters will carefully review you registration. We will then contact you as soon as possible.

Getting acquainted

During the intake interview, we would like to get to know you better and find out what your ambitions are. Together, we can discuss what the possibilities are at FlexOnYou and its partners.


After the intake interview, we will outline your personal goals and wishes. This way, we have good idea of what you want to achieve and what the ideal position is for you.

The perfect match

We have found it: the perfect match. We want to place you in a position where you can optimally perform. FlexOnYou revolves around you and our relationship. We focus on the long term, of course.

Your success

Good news! We have found the perfect employer for you! We will remain in contact with short lines of communication. This way, you can always come to us for anything you need. We are your partner on the work floor and will provide you with assistance whenever possible.

Orientation interview

As soon as you have made the decision to outsource the recruitment and selection for your technical/construction staff, you are welcome at FlexOnYou. You can call, mail or contact us with the contact form, and we will make sure you come into contact with the person who can help you further.

We would like to invite for an orientation interview so we can discuss your needs and wishes in regard to the positions you need filled. Once we know exactly what your objectives are and what your need precisely, we can started.


Recruitment and selection

FlexOnYou has years of experience in the temporary employment branch. We have accrued a wealth of knowledge and experience over the years and developed a broad network of candidates. With this specific expertise, we can help you with your staffing needs.

We are happy to include you in our existing network, but at the same time, would also like to spread the possibilities by exploring what is possible within the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. We make every effort to find you a suitable candidate as quickly as possible, but we also want to make sure you get the quality you and your company requires. That is why the candidates we select are thoroughly screened to ensure they really fit the profile.

Application procedure

Once we have bridged the gap between your needs and wishes and those of the candidate, that individual will be invited for an interview. The goal of these interviews is for everyone to get to know one another better. We want everyone to be satisfied with the collaboration, both the candidates and the clients.

During the interview, we will find out whether the skills and ambitions of the candidate correlate with your needs. If we are convinced that the candidate will fit perfectly in your organisation, we will bring you two together.


A company is only as good as the people who work there

Aleksandra Stokkink-Bozek
International Recruitment


A soft landing

Because it is so important to us that our candidates find the right match (better for everyone, of course), FlexOnYou – certainly in the initial phase – is closely involved as an intermediary in the contact you have with the candidate.

We will make sure everything is properly arranged, ranging from the contract to transport, so that our employee can started quickly. We will handle all of the paperwork that this entails so you can focus on preparing for the arrival of your new talent. This way, the start of employment will run smoothly.

Support & after care

Although generally not the case, it is possible that someone doesn’t quite fit or that the results are not 100% to your satisfaction. Especially then, you can also count on our support. Together, we will search for an appropriate solution so that all parties are fully satisfied.

Also when everything goes smoothly after the placement, we will, of course be available to function as an intermediary between you and the employee. We will do our very best to ensure that our people can start their employment at your company with a big smile on their face.


What can we help you with?

Are you ready? Great! We are ready to meet you and get started! If you are still unsure whether we can find the right position for you, no problem. FlexOnYou always thinks in solutions, so feel free to contact us – without any obligation whatsoever. Together, we can consider the options for giving your career a boost.